This is a tool for Nokia N800 and N810 to jailbreak PS3 running on 3.41 and 3.01 firmware


version 0.5 (07 Nov 2010) - Updated to latest PL3/PsFreedom code. Payloads in GUI are sorted by firmware version. More firmwares supported.
version 0.4 (02 Oct 2010) - GUI has feature to choose what payload to load. Added compatibility with PS3 3.01 FW (thanks to KaKaRoTo for psfreedom and PL3 projects)
version 0.3 (27 Sep 2010) - You can play games with Backup Manager with Psfreedom800 as payload_bdemu.bin is loaded on startup
version 0.2 (26 Sep 2010) - Psfreedom800 has simple GUI now !!!


To install PsFreedom800 from your Nokia N800 use this one-click install link
...or you can also download .deb packages directly:

  • PSFreedom800 is compatible with latest Open Backup Manager
  • PsFreedom800 and its package is based on original PsFreedom tool which was primarily tested and released for Nokia N900
  • If you have Nokia N900 you can use PsFreedom from maemo extras devel repository for Nokia N900 with nice PyQt GUI
  • Feedback (possitive or negative :) is welcome and can be sent to shamotek at
  • Possible future features:

  • DONE: I would like to use newest PSFreedom code using KaKaRoTo's PL3 project.
  • Compatibility with Backup Manager v2 (no BD required)
  • Nicer GUI ?