Shamot's personal homepage
Name: Tomáš Brandýský
Nickname: Shamot
Age: 33
Email: shamot AT shamot DOT cz
Public pgp key: download
Occupation: currently working as Linux system administrator
Hobbys: Photography, Philosophy, Linux OS (see my blog), Languages
Skills related to my job: Linux server administration, IT Manager, Network architect
Languages: Czech(mother language), English (graduation), German (graduation), French (L'Institut francais de Prague), Italian

Some of my older projects

PS3 Jailbreaking tool for Nokia N800

Linux Kiss Server
This project was primarily intended for personal purpose. I couldn't make any of available kiss linux servers work with my new Kiss DP-600 player in a way I would imagine so I found kissd simple kiss daemon by Alexandre Becoulet which is really simple and clear code to understand and fixed it up and added some more features. Linux Kiss Server (LKS) works with Kiss DP-600 but I think it should work with any other Kiss player as well.

FreeTunneler - Multiplayer tank game for more players. Work on this project was frozen due to lack of time.
The game was playable only in low resolution in 2 players (network game). This game is written in C using SDL library.
screenshot 1
screenshot 2
screenshot 3

Webarchiver - PHP multiuser photo on web presenting project.
Allows you to manage news/users, add new reports to specific folder etc...Still in development (
screenshot 1
screenshot 2
screenshot 3
screenshot 4
screenshot 5
screenshot 6